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    check out this periodic table


    I have made a lot of bad jokes but this is still probably my greatest hit


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    All Time Low Quotes » Keep being crazy; keep being loud. Because the only thing you have in life is yourself and your friends. - Zack Merrick

    Jack x Alex x

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    Anthropomorphic Tree

    Anthropomorphism which is the recognition of human-like characteristics or form in animals, plants or non-living things. This tree, which can be found in the Outer Banks of North Carolina, has roots which have taken a human-like form.

    Calling it now those are the souls of those who drowned in the water forever trapped

    I feel like I need to write a short story about that

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    Thank you. Thank you so much for this.

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    he’s so cute shoot me

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    why are high school students in movies always 30 years old

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    my school held a hunger games today and so the victor got to ride around with prinCIPAL EFFIE and i just couldn’t

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    dont judge people by their looks, judge them by their tumblr theme

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    i do bad things because i listen to music with swears 

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    Crucial curve  

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    when people say years young instead of years old


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